Still Pissed After All These Years, Osama Bin Laden’s Son Declares He Will Get Revenge On The U.S.

Osama bin Laden

Associated Press

In May of 2011, the United States killed Osama bin Laden in what, I think, most everyone can agree was a pretty justifiable homicide.

I mean, he masterminded the slaughter of 3,000 U.S. citizens, so it’s not like anyone could think he didn’t at least deserve it.

But his son is apparently still pissed. Which, like, dude, come on. It was five years ago. Get over.

Instead, he’s announced to the world he will get his revenge. From The Independent:

The son of Osama bin Laden has threatened revenge against the US for assassinating his father, according to an audio message posted online by Al-Qaeda.

Hamza bin Laden promised to continue the global militant group’s fight against the United States and its allies in the 21-minute speech entitled “We Are All Osama,” according to the SITE Intelligence Group, an organisation that tracks white supremacist and jihadi organisations online.

“We will continue striking you and targeting you in your country and abroad in response to your oppression of the people of Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and the rest of the Muslim lands that did not survive your oppression,” Hamza said.

“As for the revenge by the Islamic nation for Sheikh Osama, may Allah have mercy on him, it is not revenge for Osama the person but it is revenge for those who defended Islam.”

Hamza is hoping to become a younger, fresher face for Al-Qaeda, which is losing the jihadi popularity contest right now to ISIS.

Also, I guess he’s going to try to posthumously please his dead, which I think I speak for every dude when I say to Hamza, don’t bother trying. You’re never gonna please your pops, and as soon as you realize that, you’ll be happier, and a lot less civilians will die.

Go see a shrink or something instead.

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