This Overturned Truck Was Carrying Gas Canisters Which Proceeded To Explode Non-Stop For Ten Minutes

by 3 years ago

I’m not sure if it’s possible to not be an explosion kind of person. You add explosions to anything on Earth and it’s automatically twice as exciting. Look at Micheal Bay films. Imagine those movies without any explosions? Snoozefest. Throw in some explosions and the line for admission is around the block. Picture any everyday task and then just stick explosions in there. Go ahead, imagine that. You’re welcome.

Take this routine delivery in Russia. The guy was just driving when he overturned his truck because he was going too fast and ran into oncoming traffic. Which is decently exciting in of itself, but then all of the gas canisters that it was carrying began to explode, and things automatically got WAY more exciting. Because explosions do that. It’s their job.

[h/t Ladbible]

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