Guys, You Can Now Rub Caffeine On Your Face For A Perfect Shave, Seriously

Pacific Shaving Company

If you’re like me, there’s a good chance that the only caffeine you have every day comes through a bunch of coffee or Mountain Dews. But, thanks to Pacific Shaving Company, you can actually use the stuff to get a smooth and refreshing feeling for your morning shave.

Sure, it sounds weird as hell, right? But, seriously, it’s something that has been tested by a bunch of smart people who say that it works, so why not give it a try!

In my opinion, it beats the alternatives which are:

1) Your face burns all day and you’ve got noticeable razor burn.

2) You use some crappy ass lotion that either makes you break out or is way too expensive because it promises to have “real bits of cougar” in it or something.

3) You try to man up and make it through the day without using anything until you realize that your face feels like you just took the hottest chicken wing sauce and rubbed it all over it.

According to Stan Ades, founder of Pacific Shaving Company, “Caffeine is a versatile ingredient with many health benefits. When topically applied, the benefits of caffeine can take effect quickly. With 50 milligrams of naturally-derived caffeine (an espresso contains approximately 60 milligrams), Pacific Shaving Company’s new products may not replace your morning coffee routine, but they will help get you going in the morning—while providing an exceptional shaving experience.”

Caffeine as shaving cream and aftershave, bros. I dare you to try it and not admit it’s the biggest game-changer for your morning shave.

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