For Some Reason, Parents Were Upset Their Kids Were Eating Gummy Penises

gummy penis


Kids, as we know, will eat about anything if it has sugar in it, so the fact that some of them were chowing down on gummy candies shaped like penises should come as no real surprise. Plus, you know, its candy shaped like a penis which I am sure kids find hilarious has hell. (Not me though, I’m an adult.) But it you’re the parent of one of those kids, well…

Barrie Aburn, of Dunedin, told the New Zealand Herald that his kids pulled penis-shaped gummies from a pack of candies. The gummies were made in China, where they’re not considered offensive. But that certainly wasn’t the case in New Zealand.

“I don’t find anything amusing about it at all. I find it disgusting,” Jacqui Hawkins, Aburn’s parter, told the newspaper.

It is wrong that I find it amusing? Just checking…

Anyhoo, Jack Van de Geest, managing director of sales for Dutch Rusk, the people responsible for the penis-shaped gummy candies being there, was forced to issue of recall of the tasty treats “even though only one out of every 20 or 30 bags contained one or two gummy penises,” according to Stuff.

Adults are so lame.

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