Didn’t Get An Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Pass? Don’t Worry, They’re THRIVING On The Black Market

1410204671000-Never Ending Pasta Pass   Olive Garden Italian Restaurants

On Monday we told you about the Olive Garden deal where you blow $100 for a “Never Ending Pasta Pass,” which allows you to eat, sleep and breathe shitty Olive Garden pasta for almost two months. While $100 is $99.99 too much to pay for the American dream of being able to bloat yourself on bottom-tier “Italian” “food” (I use both of those terms very, very loosely), I guess some people were sad they didn’t manage to secure themselves a pass. Maybe like, five people were bummed? Six? Probably more, but the idea that thousands of people tried to buy these carbohydrate suicide passes and got pissed when they couldn’t makes me…well:


But don’t worry, if you were one of those gluttonous wildebeests who stomped their hoof on the ground and did some rage-induced bucking and kicking when they saw the passes were sold out, you might just be in luck.

As of this morning, 45 separate entries showed up in eBay for users savvy enough to look there for secondary-market passes…

Currently, prices range from $110 to around $500. And for people who can’t handle the pressure of an online auction scenario — understandable — “Buy It Now” prices hover around $250 per pass.

For those who would rather support their local pasta-pass economy, Craigslist is another option. A few pass listings have popped up across the country, and one lucky bastard in Milwaukee even claims to have two of them.

Via Grubstreet



If you enjoy eating whatever diarrhea Olive Garden is calling “alfredo sauce” these days and think that you can stomach eating pasta for every meal, every day for a month, then click here to go to Ebay and waste your money on an early diabetes-induced grave. If not, come find me so we can sit back and laugh as the clientele at Olive Garden become exponentially fatter over the next two months.

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