Start Your Day With This 8K Footage Of Argentina’s Patagonia That Is So HD Your Eyes Will Bleed With Joy

I’ll tell you what, bros, Patagonia (Argentina/Chile) has been calling my name for years and this video just solidified my decision to travel there in the next year. First off, it’s some of the most stunningly gorgeous natural landscape in the world (snow-capped mountains, glaciers, it’s amazing). Throw in the fact that Patagonia is home to possibly THE BEST trout fishing and bird hunting in the world and it’s an outdoorsman’s paradise.

Honestly, I don’t know why I’m trying to sell you bros on Patagonia because frankly I don’t want it clogged up with other tourists by the time I get there. So maybe you shouldn’t watch this video and fall in love with the breathtaking views of Patagonia. Maybe you shouldn’t share this video with your bros and start planning a fishing/hunting trip today, that would be stupid because life isn’t for the living, right?

(h/t via Timestorm Films)