Patton Oswalt Thought Bill O’Reilly Was Drunk After The Republican Debate And The Tweets Are Hilarious

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After last night’s GOP Debate on Fox News, Bill O’Reilly took the mic for a live post-debate edition of The O’Reilly Factor. First order of business: Interview Donald Trump, the undisputed delegate leader of the Republican Party. So how’d that go?

And later:

Shortly after, Bill O’Reilly proceeded to interview all guests, causing the Internet — and especially Patton Oswalt — to think the host of the Fox News show was drunk:

The reactions from the Twitter bleacher creatures were on-point:

We don’t know if O’Reilly was hitting the bottle or not. We do know that he lost custody of his kids this week, however, and was accused of domestic abuse in court documents.

If he was drunk, word of advice: Drink some Blue Gatorade and have an egg-and-cheese sandwich in the morning, Bill. Then take a long, cold shower.

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