Paul Ryan Asked Twitter To Wish Mike Pence A Happy Birthday… Guess How That Went?

by 3 years ago
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Vice President Mike Pence turns 58-years-old today so Speaker of the House Paul Ryan thought it would be nice to ask everyone on Twitter to wish him a very happy birthday.

How nice of him, right? I’m sure there is nothing that could possibly go wrong with this plan to deliver the VP some nice well-wishes on his big day.

Talk about setting the ball up on a tee for hundreds upon hundreds of Twitter trolls. Ryan could NOT have made it any easier on them. Pretty sure, now check me on this, but I don’t think that Ryan thought this idea 100% all the way through. Or maybe he did, what the hell do I know? Maybe he secretly hates Pence.

Needless to say, responses to Ryan’s birthday tweet turned into an absolute free-for-all filled with jokes, criticisms and dozens of different versions of the word “nope.”

Oh yeah, that went pretty much the way Paul Ryan expected, right?

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