The Story About The Dude Carrying A Huge Peacock On Subway And New Yorkers Couldn’t Care Less

New Yorkers have seen it all. So when some dude brought a peacock on an NYC subway, it did not faze any of the riders and it was seen as just another day in the big city. Peak New York City. On Thursday, Newsday politics reporter Matthew Chayes tweeted out an image of a guy riding the subway while carrying a gigantic peacock. The interesting part is that the other riders could not give a shit about this guy and his giant peacock. Sorry, if you’re not a naked crackhead with a knife eating a blueberry pie, New Yorkers have no time for you.

The photo was posted to Reddit, and the peacock dude gave the details of his big bird. Redditor BarFreddys noted that the peacock is stuffed peacock and the mascot of a Tribeca restaurant which he manages. He stated said that the blonde woman to his right in the photo is the owner of the peacock. “Haha, no it’s the mascot of a bar I run in Tribeca called Weather Up,” he wrote. “The owner Kathryn is the blonde woman to right of me, she’s the owner of the peacock. It’s also stuffed, come to the bar for a beer.”

Redditors demanded proof that BarFreddys was the peacock dude so he posted a pic of himself cracking a cold one with his bird on Reddit with the caption, “MTA Peacock guy here, stay classy New York.”

Even the official NYC Subway Twitter account chimed in on the viral peacock, you know because all of their trains are arriving on time and the only problem left to worry about it a taxidermied bird.

Sorry peacock dude, if you were looking for attention by carrying a huge stuffed peacock on the subway, you picked the wrong city.