Nothing To See Here, Just A Pelican Trying To Eat A Woman Whole

Quick question here, Bros. Are you Team Pelican or Team Woman?

On the one side, you have this nice woman, who is only trying to feed this pelican some food.

On the other, a pelican, who wants to eat the woman’s face, arms and ass.

Sure, there’s the old adage about not biting the hand that feeds you, but I’m all about this pelican. He tries to go ham on this chick.


He tries to eat her boobs.

He wants to nom on her face.

He tries to mouth fuck her neck.

And he goes at her from behind.

How can you not be Team Pelican? As my bird friend said, that woman deserves to be eaten.

Here’s the video. (The embed is being funky, so you can watch it here)

Pelicans are fresh.