Want To Add A Dick To Your Competitor’s Corporate Logo? Do It Now With ‘Penised’

Penised. That’s the name of the service that for $25 to $35 will add a dick and/or balls to your competitor’s corporate logo. Or hell, it doesn’t even have to be a competitor for that matter. Want to add some balls to Comcast’s logo? Who doesn’t? They’ll do that. Have an issue with Dish Network? No problem. Now they’re Dicks Network.

In an interview with AdWeek, the founders of Penised, who prefer to remain nameless (go figure), had this to say about this wonderful new service they’re providing…

So, who are you?
We are two buddies that work in tech and have decided to remain anonymous for now, as we do have day jobs, and we want the logos to be the face of the business, not us.

How did the idea for Penised—sigh—come together?
We have a side business building prototype apps for people. One day we were at the bar having a couple of beers and doodling some logo concepts for an app we were about to build, and we noticed a couple of sketches had rather phallic shapes to them. The more we drank, the funnier they looked, and we started joking about other logos that looked a bit dick-ish, and, boom!—the idea for Penised was born. Everyone loves a good dick joke, and we are no exceptions.

They’re 100% right. Everyone does love a good dick joke. Proof of that is in the fact that since launching on March 16th they’ve already received over 1,000 requests for dick logos.

So if you have a company logo you’d like see turned into a dick, just head on over to Penised. Time-Warner Cable anyone?

H/T The Daily Dot