People Are Posting Pictures Of Themselves And Asking Reddit To Roast Them And It’s Absolutely Hysterical

The internet can be a hateful place. Courageous keyboard warriors spew vitriol in every corner of the world wide web under the protection of unanimity. Having a bad day? Call a stranger a pussy on the internet to soften the blow. I guess it helps.

Just meandering around the comment section of some of my posts, I often wonder if I got in the right industry and if I should continue living.

Thanks, Pat. *thinks about comment in shower for two weeks*

But are different tiers of internet hate. The low hanging fruit insults (pussy, loser) that are easy to brush off in time and the ones that ring true and sting a bit more for a bit longer (you’re 28 years old, broke, and no one loves you).

Regardless, I’m unsure why you’d actively and openly invite the powerful punch of the internet to shred you a new orifice, but hundreds of people have uploaded photos of themselves on Reddit while holding up signs that say “Roast Me,” and keyboard warriors have responded in droves.

I legit spent an hour scrolling through the insults on Reddit last night, and I was almost in tears with how spot on some of the insults were.

Check out some of the latest and greatest here.

I was legit tearing up. If you enjoyed these as much as I did, keep digging.

[via Reddit]

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