People Are Posting Reasons While They’ll Be Single Forever And They Hit Wayyy Too Close To Home

Relationships are a drag, man. You have to actually, like, care about someone more than yourself. Don’t get me wrong–there is some merit in that, but there’s also some merit in laying on your couch with your hands down your pants scrolling through Tinder until you get arthritis. Oh there isn’t merit in that? Fuck off, no one asked you.

As a 28-year-old man whose seen the majority of his friends dive head first into fulfilling, loving relationships, I’m constantly reevaluating whether or not I’m willing to settle down and do shit like apple picking and pretending not to be bored as fuck in museums or just continue being a perpetual bachelor–leaving my room an absolute mess and letting my pubes grow out to a length suitable to donate to Locks of Love. Both scenarios are pathetic in their own right, and who’s to say one is sadder than the other?

Regardless, it’s good to see that I’m not the only one who struggles with this dilemma, as people are hitting Twitter to express the reasons they’ll be #SingleForever.

Check out some of the best below:

Pretty much.

// many thirsty Tinder dudes offered this chick some sausage? If you’re guessing 100, I’ll take the over

Pulse? Check. Ok, good enough.//

// is just a kind gesture.

Not the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Just kidding, ya it is.//

// AND I BOTH, PAL AMIRIGHT *FIST BUMP* Ew, probably shouldn’t touch that hand.

Give us a little more credit than that. Ok, that’s pretty much spot on.//


I thought I’d weigh in on the matter as well. I truly believe the below statement.//

//*Panties drop*


So there they are boys. I’d like to see what you bros think will be the reason you’ll be single forever. Leave them in the comments below or use them on Twitters under the hashtag #SingleForever

P.S. Somewhat related, but fucking hilarious.



[h/t Some E-Cards]

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