People Reveal The Dirty Secrets They’ve Seen At A Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Worthy Of Ruining A Marriage

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When a man is on the precipice of lawfully committing to a woman for the rest of his life, it can bring about a slew of emotions that are usually forced out in the bachelor party by your friend with the drinking problem. A bachelor party is seen by many as a hall pass from the general commitments and responsibilities of life. It is the only time in one’s life when getting a couple mini ponies and strippers to the hotel room is customary, encouraged even. The boundaries are pushed, limits are tested, legends are made.

When one Redditor, innocuous_gorilla, posed the question: What are some dirty secrets you have seen at a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party that could ruin the marriage?, the responses were platinum. Here are the best responses.


Does a three way with a prostitute count?

It does… Then that.

Was the other person a dude or a chick? Important stuff.


Not a party but the rehearsal dinner. Groom’s father reaches out and grabs a hand full of bride to be’s ass, she turns around and he sticks his hand up her skirt and up her crotch.

She quickly jumps back, surprised and upset. Then she responds with… “Stop it. You are going to make me blush”

His son came over and both his dad and fiance acted as if nothing. How did we find out about this? We watched the video the photographer took of that night.


I’m sufficiently uncomfortable.


The best man and groom having one last fuck in a strip club bathroom.

It is the best man’s duty to fulfill his groom’s needs. Totally acceptable.


I worked in a photo lab. Normally it was cats and houses in the pics.

But then a woman dropping of a few rolls of film was acting oddly. This is usually a clear sign that the pictures were going to be interesting.

It was a bachelorette party, normal stuff at first. The women were all fairly pretty.

Then a safari themed stripper was being featured.

The pictures show most of the women at the party blowing the stripper.

Then the stripper got the bride practically naked in a circle of them and dry humped her in several ways. Rubbing his junk all over her.

Then the pics were in a bedroom. The bride and another girl had sex with the stripper, my guess was they were alternating who was taking pictures.

The last photo was a cumshot on the ring.

Edit to add: This happened in the early 2000s. My trainer told me I wasn’t supposed to print pics that showed anything illegal. I also didn’t have to print any photos that I was uncomfortable printing. We had a little pre made card to put in the order, in case of that, to explain the situation. I was in my early 20s at that point, so I never had use for that card.

Is there anything more disrespectful than a ring cumshot? Symbolism aside, them shits are expensive.


Not a traditional bachelor party, but upon going out for drinks with him, the groom spent an… uncomfortable amount of time voicing (very real, foundational) concerns about the union, his then-fiancee, their terrible money situation. It was about 2 months prior to the wedding, and, in his own words, he didn’t/ wouldn’t call it off because people had already bought their tickets and stuff. It was all-around depressing because, on the actual day, she seemed pretty happy and he just looked kinda flat (a look that seems to be a permanent fixture in his demeanor these days) – I think he was just too polite to initially call it off when he realized he wasn’t 100% into it, and then it progressed into cohabitation, engagement, marriage.

Can someone set up a GoFundMe for this miserable bastard?


I have a friend that is a male stripper. He tried to convince me that it’s a great way to make (quite a bit) side money on the weekends and he almost had me convinced until he told me this: Apparently, bachelorette parties almost always devolve into everyone getting piss drunk and getting waaaaay too handsy. His says he’s been propositioned for sex by the bride-to-be on many occasions. His theory is that the type of woman that will hire a couple male strippers is the type of woman that will fuck them and then walk down the aisle to her future husband the very next day. That’s also why he says he’ll NEVER get married. I want no part of that regardless of how good the money is.

That’s why I’m going to make my fiancee wear a GoPro on her bachelorette party. Can’t be too careful out there.


I literally proposed yesterday. This is not a good thread for me to be lurking in…

No worries, bro. Just the rest of your life.

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