People Are Sharing The WORST Christmas Gifts They Received This Year And Jesus Christ Are They God-Awful



There’s a sentiment that gets brought up repeatedly over the holiday season along the lines of “Be thankful you got anything, some people can’t afford gifts for Christmas!” While that’s technically true, I’ve got to say that’s one big load of horseshit. Yes there are some people who can’t afford gifts during the holiday season, but for Chrissake there’s a difference between “I’m sorry love, I couldn’t afford to get you anything this year” and “Oh fuck I have to give someone a gift…lemme just find some garbage in my basement to wrap up BRB.”

If your gift is thoughtful and comes from the heart but isn’t really of any use to me, I’m still grateful – if your gift was clearly a last-minute decision and it’s obvious you ran out to Walmart the night before and browsed through the clearance section just to be able to say you got me something, do us a favor and just skip me next year. I won’t be offended, and I’d rather not clutter my house up with random shit out of an obligation to keep a gift I don’t even need/want.

Need examples of what NOT to give people? Don’t worry, Twitter’s here with way too many:

Little did they know that kid is allergic to steak AND pie. Death sentence for one, right away please.

[H/T TheLadBible]

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