This Pepper Spray Toilet Paper Prank Is The Most Evil Prank I Could Ever Imagine, I Weep For His Bunghole

A cannot imagine a more evil prank than to put an excruciatingly hot substance on toilet paper and then film someone wipe their butt with that fiery TP. That said, apparently what I deem to be the evilest prank imaginable is irrelevant, because below you can see just how much pain a man goes through when wiping his balloon knot with pepper spray. These professional YouTube pranksters from TwinzTV break into this dude’s apartment in an ongoing prank war and pepper spray his toilet paper, they then set up cameras to film him as he has an atomic meltdown.

Some of the language in this video is extremely NSFW (see “The f*ck did you do? I’m f*cking fingering my a**hole in here you c*ck suckers”). So if you’re not into hearing that sort of strong language you should turn away now:

I found myself clenching my chocolate starfish the entire time that dude’s life was unraveling while he was in the shower. Never in my life have I felt such painus in my anus that I had to jump into the shower and perform and emergency bidet session, using my fingers to cleanse myself of the unimaginable burning brought on pepper spray.

Just for one second I want you to stop and imagine the spiciest hot sauce you’ve ever tried, and then think about how much that nuked your stomach and mouth…then imagine dumping that on your balloon knot, one of the most sensitive parts of your body. That sounds like the sort of torture one can only expect in Dante’s Inferno, and I don’t know how these dudes thought it was a good idea to escalate a prank war to this level. How does one retaliate from the pepper spray toilet paper prank? Shooting them with a taser while they’re in the shower? I guess we’ll find out in the very near future, because that dude will definitely be wanting his revenge.

[TwinzTV YouTube]