This Philadelphia Police Department Anti-Drug PSA Might Be The Worst PSA Ever Created

by 4 years ago
philadelphia police department psa so bad

YouTube - PhiladelphiaPolice

For starters, it looks like whoever put this anti-drug PSA together for the Philadelphia Police Department was actually ON DRUGS. Because what…in…the…fuck…is going on here?

You’ve got a Saved By The Bell anti-drug ad from the early 1990s. Then the police chief Charles Ramsey’s head is Photoshopped (badly) over the face of former NBC chairman, Brandon Tartikoff. Why?

The department’s social media manager, Sgt. Eric Gripp, admitted to The Daily News Monday that he originally wanted to replace the entire the Bayside cast with members of the police force but it became “overly difficult with everyone’s schedules.” Additionally, Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to the area has been taking up much of the department’s time.

“I just got tired of waiting and crudely pasted the commissioners face over the original video,” he shared.

Wow. No shit he did.

So just remember kids, “There’s no hope with dope.” Or bad Photoshopping skills.

On the other hand, this Philadelphia Police Department PSA is SO BAD that now it’s gone viral and is spreading all over the Internet. Perhaps they knew exactly what they were doing, huh? Yeah, no.


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