Philly Newspaper Accidentally Runs Most Racist Photo Caption Of All Time


Philadelphia Public Record, a free weekly paper, issued a major “our bad” today for running a ridiculously racist caption in their latest edition.

“It was a proofreading error,” the newspaper publisher Jimmy Tayoun Sr told Philadelphia magazine last Friday afternoon. The proofreading error involved a photo for a fundraiser event in the city’s Chinatown section. Instead of listing the real names of the people in the photo, the paper ran fake names such as “Me Too”, “Chinky Winky” and “Dinky Doo.”

The paper issued an apology, again stating it was a proofreading error, which doesn’t really fly considering proofreading means “is the reading of a galley proof or an electronic copy of a publication to detect and correct production errors of text or art” but doesn’t explain HOW the fake names ended up in the copy in the first place. So there is a racist putting names under pictures and an editor awful at noticing these racist names before going to print?

The paper said in an official statement that “an internal investigation is underway.”

H/T Philly Mag

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