Pig Gets Banned From Bar After Breaking In And Stealing Beers

Meet Frances Bacon. Frances Bacon is a pig, but she’s also a lot like a person, in that she likes hanging out in bars and drinking and eating peanuts.

Unfortunately, because she’s a pig, her owners have decided to crack down.

Ian and Vicky Taylor-Ross own the Conquering Hero in southern London. They also own Frances Bacon, who they used to let wander around the bar unsupervised. But then they noticed she seemed drunk. From the BBC:

[They] said they only realised the Vietnamese Pot-Belly was drinking alcohol when she started butting into customer’s legs.

“She is also up for drinking beer – she will try and get hold of anything that’s there, especially cider.”

Regulars have now been warned not to give her any beer and her owners are making sure she doesn’t drink from glasses left by drinkers.

Dang. That’s a bummer for that pig. Booze is great. Also snacks. But the owners are hiding the snacks, too.

They say they’ve also had to move their pork scratchings, crisps and peanuts to a higher shelf behind the bar in case Frances tries to eat them.

Remember, in London, crisps are chips. Chips are delicious. The pig is so smart, though, they’ve had to add locks everywhere.

Vicky said: “We have had to put locks on the bar to stop her coming in and stealing crisps and scratchings. She has an incredible sense of smell.

“She broke in and ate a bag of dry roasted peanuts. She didn’t eat for two days after that, but she was incredibly thirsty.

Same pig. Same.

But these owners still love their mischievous swine.

Ian said: “She’s lovely – definitely our favourite regular.”


[H/T Cooper]