Guy In A Pikachu Costume Jumps The White House’s Fence, Immediately Gets Arrested


Hey! Wait! Don’t go out! It’s unsafe! Wild Pokemon live in tall grass! You need your own Pokemon for your protection. I know! Here, take this idiot tourist carrying a stuffed Pikachu doll and wearing a Pikachu hat. How’s he going to help you? Oh, he won’t. But take him anyway, we don’t want him anymore. He tried to jump the White House fence but wound up getting arrested by Secret Service agents. In all honesty he’s pretty useless; we’re just trying to make room for this Charmander.



If you’re curious as to how it all went down, Fox News has a timeline:

“An individual jumped the North fence line. He was immediately apprehended and taken into custody by USSS Uniformed Division Officers.” Secret Service Spokeswoman Nicole Mainor said in a statement.

18:09:27 GET DOWN! (it sounds like) as agent holds gun on man…man keeps walking around
18:09:52 Man finally sits on lawn
18:10:20 Sounds like agents say “drop it!” as they cautiously approach with a dog
18:10:23 dramatic shot of agents holding gun on man, slowly approaching with dog. Dog barking
18:10:27 Man flips over on stomach and is restrained, frisked, all the while dog is barking
18:11:55 man being picked up, escorted away with armed cuffed behind his back.
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Looks like Pikachu lost this battle.

[H/T Kotaku and Fox News]