Pizza Hut Debuts Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza & It’s The Only Thing I Can Think About Right Now


Last week was a pretty good week of pizza-eating for me. Devoured some slices on Mulberry Street in New York City for San Gennaro while throwing back Coors Lights in the middle of the street. Then went to a neighborhood classic, Nicoletta, to crush their mushroom pie, which is a Top 5 pie in NYC for me.

Pizza Hut, meanwhile, is making huge news in pizza innovation today. They’re taking the old fashion stuffed crust pizza and combining it with the the gooey melted cheese of a grilled cheese. It’s grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza and it’s the only damn thing I can think about right now. Apparently the cheese combination is both mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

It’s one of the few foods that would make my dad bod happy on this dreary Monday afternoon.

According to Food Beast, grilled cheese crust pizza is $12.99 at Pizza Hut.

Stuffed crust life is the only life.

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