This Man’s Rant About Pizza Hut’s Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza Is So Damn Perfect

Nothing like a hot take from YouTuber Daym Drops. Last week Pizza Hut set the Internet on fire with the introduction of Grilled Cheese Stuff Crust Pizza. So Daym went to try it and ended up ripping Pizza Hut a new one for putting out an inferior product.

That’s a big bummer to hear. Back in the day there was the nothing I loved more than Pizza Hut day at school. And Book-Its! Fuck yea I’ll read some books to get free Pizza Hut Pizza.

Peep this quote in the rant, via Food Beast:

“I’m not coming back, son,” Daym called out to Pizza Hut. “You’re allowing for your pizza to be up in the club watching everybody else dance with all the pretty women, and you’re posted up in the corner, taking an ‘L.'”

Hope they get their shit together. That said, I’m still stuffing my face with grilled cheese pizza the first opportunity I get some random hungover Sunday morning.

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