Pizza Hut’s New Pizza Box Turns Into A Movie Projector, But It’s Not Available In America…Yet

by 5 years ago

Pizza and move nights are a timeless combination as old as the television itself, but never have the two things they been so seamlessly fused together as today. That’s because Pizza Hut just dropped a pizza box that appears to easily convert to a movie projector for your smartphone…as long as you don’t mind the lingering smell of pepperoni when you take future calls. But hey, some sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.

Feast your eyes on the “Blockbuster Box”:

Genius is an understatement here, Bros. Just look how easy it is to set-up! Five steps…if you count gorging on pizza? I can even do this drunk.

That’s a cakewalk. Next?

Yep, got that covered, too.

Yeah, actually probably won’t be doing that step because I have my own movies on deck, Pizza Hut. But nice try, and thanks for the free projector, am I right!?


That is enough said! Except for the national tragedy that these things are only available in Hong Kong right now! What were you thinking, Pizza Hut? I hope to God this is just a Beta test or something and that these things make their way across the Pacific to America, because you can’t just do the pizza capital of the world dirty like this!

We want to watch movies on our pizza box move projectors too! Don’t make me go black market to get my hands on this thing, Pizza Hut. America needs this.

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