A Dude Denied A Beer On A Flight Threw A Fit So Bad They Had To Divert The Whole Plane


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The flight from Sacramento to Seattle is a little under two hours, which is a reasonable length of time to go without a beer. I do it all the time. At work. In the car. In the morning.

But two hours was too long for 32-year-old Luke Thomas Watts. He wanted a beer on an Alaskan Airlines flight from Sacramento to Seattle. When a flight attendent told him no, he locked himself in the bathroom and threw a tantrum. Like a legit tantrum.

A 32-year-old Alaska Airlines passenger was arrested for locking himself in the plane’s lavatory, where he screamed and pounded on its walls because he wasn’t served a beer, a newly unsealed federal indictment says.

According to the indictment, Watts was on board a plane headed from Sacramento to Seattle on March 14 when he confronted the flight attendants and made “express and implied” threats of violence because he was not served a beer.

Watts demanded that the flight attendants give him a hug, which the flight attendants feared could be an act of violence, according to the indictment.

The pilot was informed of Watts actions, and deemed them significant enough to divert the flight to Portland, where Watts was arrested. He was charged with “one count of interference with flight crew members and attendants.”

His trial is set for July.

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