Police Have To Intervene After A Rare Pokemon In Japan Caused A Crazy Stampede

New York City is the mecca for rare Pokemon here in the United States, but in Japan, it seems like you can be in the tiniest town of te countryside and all hell can break loose at any moment. I say this because 1) that stampede above and 2) the recent road fatality from a driver who killed a pedestrian in Japan after running them over while distractedly playing Pokemon Go.

The video above actually took place in Odaiba island, Tokyo, so by no means a rural place in Japan, but it’s still fucking insane to see so many people swarming in for a rare Lapras. I’m also shocked that there are still this many people playing Pokemon Go. I get that the point’s to ‘catch them all’ but people are lazy, we lose interest easily as a human race, and I’m shocked to see so many people still riding that Pokemon train.

…(h/t DIGG.com)…