Whoa. Google’s April Fool’s Prank From Two Years Ago Exactly Predicted Pokémon GO

I have honestly never seen a phenomenon like Pokémon GO. Four days ago, this shit didn’t even exist, and now it’s the most popular thing on the planet.

Shit, I’ve never seen a single episode of Pokémon and I even downloaded it. (I already uninstalled it, because it seemed boring, but that’s beside the point.)

It is everywhere.

And in a life imitates fake art sort of way, it was predicted by one of Google’s infamous April Fool’s Pranks two years ago.

In the above video, programmers at Google Maps say they’ve created a game where everyone can hunt Pokemon, across the planet, using their phone.

Sound familiar? I wonder if the Pokemon people got their idea for it from watching this.

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[Via Reddit]