This Stripper FAIL Compilation Is A Rare Look At The Afternoon Shift’s Abysmal Pole-Dancing Skills

Sometimes there’s a reason that stripper’s working the pole during the day shift, and it’s not because she has another job at night. Chances are if she’s working the day shift it’s because she lacks the requisite mobility and pole skills to hang with the midnight crowd. You have to be a master of the pole to pull in the big bucks, and the people in this video just don’t make the cut.

Yes this video includes both men and women, and no I don’t know why men are trying to dance on a pole, but yes it is hilarious to watch them bust ass like a bunch of jabronis, so I felt the need to share this video with you even though it includes more than just female strippers failing on the pole. So just chill, I know there were dudes in this video. There were also some ridiculously hot strippers with piss poor pole-dancing skills. It truly is a large cross section of FAIL.

Here are a few of my favorite Stripper pole-dancing FAIL’s in GIF:

[via FAIL Army YouTube]