Police In Amsterdam Stage Dramatic Raid To Rescue Woman In Distress, But Whoops, It Was Just A Blow Up Doll



Hey, everybody messes up occasionally. And, honestly, I’d rather have my police force doing everything the can to save what turns out to be a sex doll rather than assuming everything they see is a sex doll, and feeling the need to never intervene.

“Oh that dude, he’s just stabbing a sex doll.”

“That person overdosing on heroin? Sex doll.”

So no making fun of the Amsterdam police here. They got calls about an unresponsive woman in a window, who stayed motionless for hours. People thought maybe something was seriously wrong.

The police arrived, rang the doorbell, tried to attract the woman’s attention, and, after getting no response, busted down the door. There, they found a sex doll.


With a good sense of humor, they posted the incident to their Facebook page:

Here’s the translation.

This morning got the noodhulpeenheid of team east watergraafsmeer a notification in Amsterdam East; Local residents were concerned about the woman across the street who have been a number of hours in the same attitude motionless for the window / hung up. Spot the cops actually saw a woman standing / hang. Because on ring the bell and knocking was not responded to, was the front door of the apartment broken into. With the aed in the attack, the cops ran inside the house. In fact, they found a dead woman… Of plastic… Filled with air. Relieved, and with a good story could the unit again with cont’d!

Asdoost indeed. According to Dutch News, police moved the doll away from the window.

[Via The Daily Dot]

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