Police Officer of the Year Allows Prostitute to Blow Him Before Arresting Her for Prostitution

According to the Smoking Gun:

In the course of an undercover operation targeting a suspected prostitute, a Pennsylvania police officer disrobed, allowed the woman to place a condom on him, and then engaged in sexual activity with her before announcing that, “the cops were coming.”

After entering a bedroom, the 48-year-old DePellegrin reported, “Beckie asked me if I was a cop. I told her no and asked her if she was one. She told me no.” DePellegrin added that “Beckie” then removed her shirt, exposing her breasts, and “instructed me to touch her.” Which DePellegrin apparently did.

She then “asked me if she could grab me. At this she grabbed my groin,” noted DePellegrin, who subsequently watched as “Becky” got “totally undressed.” After being directed to do the same, DePellegrin “disrobed” as “Beckie took a condom and placed it on me.”

By this point, critics might argue, DePellegrin had clearly established probable cause that Gross was engaged in prostitution and other illegal acts. The late-afternoon encounter, however, continued.

“Beckie started to perform oral sex on me when I said oh shit the cops are coming,” DePellegrin stated. “Beckie stopped performing the act and looked out the window.” With a break in the action, DePellegrin removed the condom, quickly dressed, and announced that he was a Homestead detective (and that “Beckie” was under arrest).

People say there's no such thing as a stupid question, but that has to exclude when a fucking prostitute asks a guy “are you a cop?” I mean, you cannot argue that question isn't laced with stupidity. Did she think any other response was going to come from his mouth but “No, of course not”? 

Also, how much do you want to bet he waited to nut until he whipped that condom off and arrested her? No way he was letting her in on the little secret that he was actually a cop with a raging chub and a pent-up load.