Cleveland Police Officer In Hot Water After Pic Of Him Holding A Beer Bong For A Tailgater Surfaces

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Cleveland Police Officer Carl Dooley should be given a medal of honor for his recent field work, but the fats cats up in the Governor’s Mansion are too clouded by their greed and Lebron-baiting to realize what a humanitarian he truly is.

Ya see, Officer Dooley had a picture taken of him holding a beer bong for a young fan in the parking lot of a recent preseason Browns game, and a couple of narcs were all like, “hey, he’s not supposed to help people get drunk!” God, I hate people so much. If I’m not mistaken, the job of a police officer is to protect and serve. The “serve” is rather vague, so who are we to say that it doesn’t mean “serve alcohol.”

I interpret “serve” to mean that they are there to lend a helping hand, regardless of what that hand might be helping them do. They’re obviously not gonna help murder someone, but if a responsible adult over the age of 21 wants to imbibe on an alcoholic beverage at a fast rate, such that he can get drunk as quickly as possible, who is an officer of the law to turn him down?

This quote via WKYC sums up my sentiment perfectly –

Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association President Jeff Follmer says, “Sometimes, officers try to fit into their work environment, meaning no harm or diminishing the esteem of the police department.”

Damn straight. You think Officer Dooley is really gonna be able to get respect from the community if he turns down requests from guys needing to beer bong solo? When you don’t help people with beer bongs, you create a strained relationship between the cops and the community, and that’s when you get a Ferguson situation. If this officer ends up getting in trouble, Cleveland is basically declaring that they want a Ferguson-level riot on their hands.

[Photo via The Chive]

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