Watch As A California Police Officer Immediately PULLS A GUN On A Dude Innocently Recording Him On His Cell Phone

by 4 years ago

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. I don’t have the patience or balls to be a law enforcement officer. I’d flip my fucking lid on anyone who even looked at me the wrong way. I’d also smoke and snort all the drugs I confiscated. I also can’t grow a mustache and I think that’s mandatory.

But if you’re going to enter into a profession, you have to be able to conduct yourself like a goddamn professional. Like when you guys call me a “dickless loser” in the comment section, I want to inflict pain on you and your entire extended family. But instead I internalize it and instead of lashing out, I just believe in myself less and less each day.

And even though the world is about 89% shitheads, poise could not be more essential when you have to carry a gun around all day. Like ya, the guy behind the camera sounds like a nasaly little bitch who’s dangling the infuriating equivalent of the “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!” middle school line right in your face, but you gotta pick your battles. Or shoot him immediately. You meandering somewhere in the middle is making you look like a pussy and you’ll probably be partnered with the fat, smelly, mouth-breathing rookie when the department catches wind of the video. Moral of the story: Be better. Or be worse.

[h/t Daily Mail]