Somehow Three Police Officers Who Were ‘Intentionally Targeted’ And Run Over By Speeding Car Are Alive

Three Phoenix police officers are lucky to be alive after they were struck by a speeding car that appears to be targeting the cops.

The officers were standing outside at a QuickTrip in Arizona at 2 a.m. on Tuesday morning when a car accelerated and struck the three cops then crashed into the convenience store. The video shows a rookie officer being hurled several feet in the air before hitting the glass window of the QuikTrip.

Police say that the surveillance video indicates that this was an act done intentionally and to harm police.

“About 1:45 a.m., the man pulled into the QuikTrip and backed into a parking space, where he sat for several minutes,” Phoenix Police Chief Joe Yahner said. “He then pulled out of the space, rounded the parking lot and accelerated as he crashed into the officers and then into the store.”

“We are confident that this is an intentional act,” The outraged police chief said, “Our Phoenix police officers were targeted and this stuff needs to stop.”

Two of the officers were seriously injured, including a 33-year-old police officer who was on his first day of duty and suffered a head injury. A 41-year-old police sergeant suffered a broken leg. A third officer was able to jump out of harm’s way, but was injured during an extended struggle with the driver.

The man accused of striking three police officers is identified as 44-year-old Marc LaQuon Payne. He will be booked on three charges of attempted first-degree murder and two counts of aggravated assault for the attack on the QuckTrip employees.