Policewoman Fired For Posting Erotic Dance Routine Video Online Finds New Job, Is Now A Professional Stripper

Last week we brought you the story of Kristina Negodina, a Russian policewoman who was fired from the force for posting the above erotic dance video onto a private police Facebook page. Understandably, Negodina didn’t take her firing lightly and is now suing for over $150,000 – but what is she to do for money in the meantime? Pick up a part-time job? Sign up for a multi-level-marketing company? Beg on the street?

Nah. Negodina is now stripping for money, having signed a contract with Russian strip club chain “Golden Girls” to appear in a show called “We Are Not Mutants,” hosted online:

Golden Girls owner Lucky Liu says she will not be expected to appear completely naked for her 69,000 rubles monthly salary (£825).

Miss Negodina said: “I am really excited about my new career.

“This is going to be just awesome!”(via)

Seven words never uttered in the history of mankind about becoming a stripper, but to each their own. As for her lawsuit, Negodina says her firing should be considered illegal because she was fired over a violation of discipline, however she was completely sober in the posted video. “I posted the video in a private community on Facebook, all community members were police officers” she explains, “there is nothing vulgar in the video.”

Hopefully her routine goes better than this poor girl who somersaulted off her stage while stripping…

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