HAHAHA! Look At This Politician Get Smacked In The Face With A Pink Dildo! HAHAHA!

Politics are funny. A politician can persuade millions of people to praise them like a god for their beliefs. Yet that exact SAME politician can evoke anger and fury for the exact SAME beliefs. And sometimes the people rage so hard at a political figure that they throw dildos at them. That was the case for Steven Joyce.

We take you to New Zealand where Steven is the economic development minister. During a speech someone voiced their displeasure with Joyce by throwing a big rubber dick at him. This must not have been the female protester’s first time handling a dildo because she smashed Joyce square in the face with the sex toy.

“That’s for raping our sovereignty,” the angry penis-wielding protester screamed. “That’s for raping our country, because of the TPPA and selling away our rights and our freedom.”

The woman was referring to the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership, which was signed yesterday in New Zealand. The new deal involves eleven Asian and Pacific-rim countries, plus the United States.

To the protester’s dismay, Joyce took the dick on the chin with grace and dignity.

“Fair to say I don’t think those sorts of things happen everyday,” he told reporters about being smacked in the face with the dildo. “We actually thought it was a little bit humorous at the end of it all … new experiences in politics everyday, it’s the privilege of serving.”

Some politicians can take a dickin’ and keep on tickin’.