People In Japan Are Paying Money To Eat The Most Foul-Flavored Curry Imaginable, And You Can Too!

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Maybe Shooter McGavin was onto something eating pieces of sh*t for breakfast, maybe feces-flavored food served in toilet-shaped bowls is just what the public has been waiting for. Perhaps restauranteurs worldwide have been idiots for not serving up crap-flavored curry until now, because Tokyo’s Curry Shop Shimizu recently added a curry to their menu that’s said to taste like human excrement (it also looks like soupy poopy), and this sh*t-flavored curry is selling like hotcakes! In fact, they can’t pump out enough poopy curry to keep up with demand (or so I’ve been told).

Personally I applaud any of the adventurous eaters willing to taste the curry that both looks and tastes like human feces, because I’d probably begin blowing chunks the second I walked into the Curry Shop Shimizu in Tokyo. The sh*t flavored curry is made up of a mixture combining green tea, bitter gourd (Momordica charantia, also known as ‘bitter melon’, ‘bitter squash’, or ‘balsam pear’), and cocoa powder that when mixed together combines to both look and taste like human crap.

And contrary to what I said earlier about Shooter McGavin and eating pieces of shIt for breakfast, according to HuffPo the restaurant did some market research and 85% of people stated that based on the description of the poopy curry they would never, ever, ever go to that restaurant.

David Moye of Huffington Post Weird News reports:

To be fair, the dish doesn’t contain any actual poop, just natural ingredients like green tea, bitter gourd and cocoa powder that, when combined, looks and tastes similar to human defecation, reports.
To enhance the illusion, the caca curry is served in a porcelain bowl meant to resemble a bedpan — bottoms up!
The poo-flavored curry is the brainchild of executive chef Ken Shimizu, who designed the defecation dish to remind people of his other line of work: As a male porn actor who has eaten feces in some of his filmsSo , according to

None of the Japanese publications reporting on the poo curry have actually said if it tastes like, er, crap.
But even if the food is better than it looks, sounds or smells, Curry Shop Shimizu will have an uphill battle convincing consumers to have a bite of bile.
The restaurant’s own market research suggests that 85 percent of people would never go, based on the description of the food, according to
That doesn’t mean poop doesn’t have a place at the restaurant table.
Toilet-themed restaurants where guests sit on toilets and eat non-poop-flavored dishes out of bedpans are popular all over Asia, and starting to get a foothold in America.

One thing I’ve learned is that Google Translate SUUUUUUUUUCKS big fat donkey balls when it comes to translating Japanese captions of poop-flavored curry on Twitter (more pics on the CurryShopShimizu restaurant website):


Twitter / unkocurryshop


Twitter / unkocurryshop

If this human feces flavored curry from @unkocurryshop / Curry Shop Shimizu doesn’t reinforce the fact that Japan is the weirdest country on the planet than I don’t know what will. Japan is the Florida of The East, a constant river flow of the weirdest news imaginable, and the poopy curry is no exception.

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