He’s The Hero NYC Needs Right Now: ‘PoopFarter’ Takes Over The C Train And I Literally Cannot Stop Laughing

About two weeks ago I shared a video with you bros of some woman purported to have a psychotic episode inside of a subway car. It was later revealed that this chick subjected an entire subway car full of people to torture as part of her ‘performance art’, but in the clip she spills a box of worms and crickets, then proceeds to puke/piss all over the subway while people try to escape in horror. Just how in the fuck that’s considered ‘performance art’ and not torture is beyond me, but in the article I threw up here on BroBible I wrote at length about how shit like that is the reason I don’t regret my decision to leave NYC after living there for nearly all of the past decade.

Enter ‘The PoopFarter’, a dude dressed up like a complete jackass with the word ‘poop’ emblazoned across his chest and holding a sign saying ‘farting’ who got on the C Train and blasted some song that just says the words ‘pooping’ and ‘farting’ on repeat. Now THIS is my kind of performance art. If you’re going to break the #1 rule of the New York Subway and inconvenience others around you then at the very least you should make it sophomorically hilarious and something you’d expect to see on South Park. Watching this clip I couldn’t help but think that was Leopold ‘Butters’ Stotch on the train holding the sign, and for some reason that actually made me miss NYC quite a bit….

…(via r/nyc)…