Cool Pope So Dang Chill He’s Letting Vatican Properties Be Used As Brothels For Priests

We all know how much the Cool Pope is willing to eschew church doctrine in fair of a more lenient and tolerant approach to Catholicism.

How far is he willing to go, though? Would he let priests fuck? Would he let priests fuck on the Catholic Church’s dime?

Sure sounds like it.

Newly leaked documents reveal that Vatican properties in Rome have been operating as brothels where priests, who are ostensibly supposed to be celibate, could go get their chalice emptied. Their wafer gobbled. Their cruci-FIX, if you will.

Via The Daily Mail:

Vatican-owned properties are being used by priests as brothels and massage parlours, according to the latest claims to emerge from the Vatileaks scandal.

The properties implicated in a report, leaked by a Vatican mole, include premises close to the Italian Parliament and a solarium near Piazza Barberini.

It is unknown if Francis was aware of the hooker joints. Probably not, given his recent preachings.

The latest Vatileaks claims emerged as Pope Francis insisted the Church shun all temptations of power, prestige and money as he pressed his reform agenda amid a new scandal at the Vatican.

Francis outlined his vision of the church in a lengthy speech to Italian bishops gathered in Florence, leaving behind a Vatican reeling from revelations of internal resistance to his reform agenda.

The Argentine Jesuit told the bishops he wanted a church that was humble and poor and not obsessed with preaching doctrine or acquiring power.

But what about a church where rectors can get their dick sucked on the REG? What about that Francis? What about that?

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