A Bro Applying For A Job At A Popeye’s Foiled A Robbery During His Interview, Was Hired On The Spot

JERAMEY LENDE — Shutterstock

It is hard as hell to impress someone in a job interview. You’ve got to project your best qualities, while not coming across as arrogant, all while trying to tailor your personality to that of the person doing the interviewing.

It ain’t easy.

Devin Washington, of New Orleans, figured out a way to stand out among the pack. He foiled a robbery during an interview for a job at a Popeye’s.

Washington was interviewing with manager Danyanna Metoyer when a man asked for change for a dollar from the register. With it open, he reached in and grabbed a bunch of cash.

The thief headed for the exit, and as the manager went to block the door, Washington grabbed the man. 

Other employees helped pin him down until police arrived.

Pablo Ciscart was charged with robbery, and Washington was given the job.

“You earned it,” Metoyer told him.

Yea, he did.

[Via The AP]