Insane Body Armor CEO Tests His Own Product, Takes A 9mm Round Square In The Chest

The CEO of PPSS, a UK-based company that manufactures body armor, has put a whole new meaning in “standing behind your product.”

Testing out a bullet proof vest pretty much the only way you can, CEO Robert Kaiser took a 9mm bullet straight to the chest from only about 10 feet away to show off just how well his product works. Completely insane, if you ask me, but I get that it’s the business he’s in.

The video features a walk-through of the product’s specs before Kaiser takes the bullet head-on around the 5:10 mark, for those eager to jump to the chase.

Some bigger balls than me, I know that much. And I’m sure he’d got a pretty nice welt to show for it, too. But hey, clearly PPSS’s bullet proof vests are top-notch.

From the video’s description:

This high performance bullet resistant vests has been designed and developed based on Robert’s own operational front-line experience in some of the world’s most hostile countries.

The shot was fired from 9ft/3m distance, using Glock 19 (9x19mm FMJ 124gr)!

All of PPSS Group’s high performance bullet resistant vests also offer 10 Joule of stab/knife protection and 100% protection from hypodermic needles… a very realistic threat of today’s society.

The base layer is made out of 100% OUTLAST temperature regulating space technology… making it the ultimate choice for hot and humid environments.

This CV1 model has especially developed for personal protection specialists (PPS) secret services, government officials, under cover law enforcement agencies and dignitaries/principals themselves.

So yeah, like I said, pretty top-notch.