Guy Plays Torturous Prank On Coworker That Lasted For 9 Hours

Do you loathe your coworkers? Like really, really despise your colleagues that you wish you could play pranks on them all day long like putting soiled kitty litter in your coworker’s file cabinet. Unfortunately, you can’t do that or even put an air horn under your coworker’s chair because of those pesky things like human resources and people trying to get you fired.

Imgur user Chef Shwasty shared a genius prank he pulled on his hated. Chef Shwasty hid a Bluetooth speaker in the ceiling above his coworker’s desk. Then he played the 1977 Bee Gee’s hit disco song “Stayin’ Alive” on repeat for the next NINE hours. Shwasty played the music at such a low level that it was barely audible.

The Chef said, “The man in the red shirt with the blurry face, let’s call him D.” Chef Shwasty revealed, “I like to fuck with D.” And Chef Shwasty certainly fucked with D.

Here is a timeline of the subtle torture that Chef Shwasty used on D.

7:00AM- I placed a small Bluetooth speaker in the HVAC duct above his head, and have been playing “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees on repeat since then. It’s only barely audible, and the way the louvers are, only he can hear it.

7:30AM- I noticed him stop, look around, close his eyes, and seemingly try to listen for something. He shook it off and continued talking.

8:15AM- He mentioned a car driving by playing some music that sounded familiar. No car passed.

8:45AM- Started humming the song after I had turned it down.

9:30AM- Asked what music I was playing on my computer. Came over, searched, found nothing. Looked at other coworker, who just shrugged. Went back to talking.

10:00AM- Turned up the music when he was around the corner. Came running back, I turned it down. He asked a customer “did you hear that?” Customer said, “hear what?” D shook his head and ignored it.

10:30AM- One of the warehousemen played “Stayin’ Alive” on their warehouse speakers very loudly. D closed the door to the warehouse. I turned my speaker up. Five minutes later, he went into the warehouse, where a different song was playing. I turned down my speaker. He sat down, and started searching under his desk, presumably for a source of the noise.

11:00AM- He’s leaving for lunch. Turned it up when he was in the bathroom so he could hear it through the bathroom ducting. Left in a hurry.

12:05PM- He’s back from lunch. He briefly tried to take up residence in another office before getting booted. He’s going through the task manager on his computer and killing tasks, and playing with volume options.


12:33PM- He ran to the store for a pack of smokes. Working on rigging up a hard wire. There’s an outlet up in the ceiling. Getting ext cable.

12:44PM- Alright, so, it’s back up and running with a slight problem… D just got back, and one of our guys is in the ceiling still.

1:09PM- I have to leave for lunch. Got our guy out of the ceiling after about ten minutes. I’ll try to figure out how to update the original post, but I never have figured out how to do that… I’ll work on it. Be back soon.

1:10PM- Okay, have a lot to update. Back from lunch. Apparently he’s under the impression someone is pranking him, but unsure how He’s been upstairs checking around to see if there’s anything up there, to no avail. Turned it down for a few moments.

2:30PM- OTHER COWORKER HAD A GREAT IDEA. We’re now playing music on our own individual computers at a normal volume. It’s creating a weird Vortex of music. We’ve upped the volume of Stayin Alive. We can all hear it, but it’s indistinguishable from other things.

3:02PM- Oh shit guys he broke down and confronted us. Shouting shit like “I know you’re doing this” etc etc. But he has no proof. He’s now just sitting outside smoking and pouting haha.

3:17PM- He’s back at his desk like nothing happened. Stayin Alive is still playing. Even customers can’t hear it, so he’s really confused.

4:01PM- He shot out of here like a cannon. When he grabbed his keys, I upped the volume to max, and everyone started dancing to the music (about five of us). He dropped his keys and starting yelling “fuck you, guys!”

Before he left, he said “you’ll fucking regret this on Monday.”

Guess who’s calling in sick?

Please tell me that the prankster got an FM transmitter and linked up to D’s car and played “Stayin’ Alive” when he drove home.