Guy Plays Torturous Prank On Coworker That Lasted For 9 Hours

by 10 months ago

Do you loathe your coworkers? Like really, really despise your colleagues that you wish you could play pranks on them all day long like putting soiled kitty litter in your coworker’s file cabinet. Unfortunately, you can’t do that or even put an air horn under your coworker’s chair because of those pesky things like human resources and people trying to get you fired.

Imgur user Chef Shwasty shared a genius prank he pulled on his hated. Chef Shwasty hid a Bluetooth speaker in the ceiling above his coworker’s desk. Then he played the 1977 Bee Gee’s hit disco song “Stayin’ Alive” on repeat for the next NINE hours. Shwasty played the music at such a low level that it was barely audible.

The Chef said, “The man in the red shirt with the blurry face, let’s call him D.” Chef Shwasty revealed, “I like to fuck with D.” And Chef Shwasty certainly fucked with D.

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