PRANKS: Muay Thai Champion Pretends To Be ‘Nerdy Girl,’ Promptly Obliterates Trainers At Gym

At first glance, dainty Germaine Yeap doesn’t look like a killer in the ring. But this 30-year-old is actually a professional muay Thai fighter and the Kuala Lumpur Women’s Champion.

For the prank she went to the Damansara Perdana Muay Fit gym in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a “nerdy girl.” She appears very shy and is wearing glasses. She weakly attempts to punch the bag and pretends that she can’t even do a sit-up. In reality, Germaine is a pro and has been training for six years.

She approaches one of the trainers and asks him if he could show her how to spar. He’s reluctant to get in the ring with her and says, “I just don’t want to hurt you.” Germaine replies, “I don’t think you’ll hurt me, it’ll be safe.”

Germaine throws some listless punches at the trainer, but he easily blocks them. He tries to get her to be more aggressive and tells her, “Don’t be scared.” He informs her that her footwork sucks, “It’s not salsa.” He points to his jaw and tells her, “Come on punch me!” He then goes on the offensive and punches the “beginner” in the face.

She fights another trainer with the same feeble results. She gets kicked in the stomach and even gets flipped to the mat. She stops the fight, pretending to be tired and defeated.

Then at the 2:35 mark, the real Germaine appears. The pro fighter unleashes a whirlwind of furious punches, kicks and an all-out assault on her unsuspecting foes. She easily takes down the “trainers” and hilariously asks one of them, “Do you need a break?”

The trainers were a little beat up, but their egos were surely bruised.