Costa Rican President Swallows A Wasp During A Press Briefing And Handles It Like A Champ

President of Costa Rica swallows a wasp


The President of Costa Rica was holding a press briefing outdoors this week when a was flew right into his mouth. Instead of screaming bloody murder and acting like a chump, he handled it with the aplomb I’d expect from the President of a nation covered in rain forest that’s crawling with all sorts of awesome insects and creatures. Watch closely as the wasp hovers just outside of his mouth before diving in:

Here’s that moment once more in GIF:

Remember when Ted Cruz ate his own boogers during the GOP debate and later acted like nothing happened at all? This isn’t that. Instead, the President owned it and quipped that it was ‘pure protein’. “I ate it. I ate, I ate the wasp!” he proclaimed in front of the pool of reporters.

Costa Rica has some gnarly bugs but I can’t say that I know too much about the wasps in the country or the dangers of swallowing any of those wasps. I’ve only spent about ~6 weeks in total in Costa Rica over the years which means I’ve seen approximately 0.000000000001% of all the insect species in the nation because it’s one of the most vibrant ecosystems on the planet. I have to imagine there are some fuuuuuucked up creatures out there that you most certainly wouldn’t want to swallow, but this doesn’t appear to be one of those.

(h/t NYDN)

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