President Obama Played Soccer With a Humanoid Robot, Watched It Dance

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President Barack Obama is in Japan, presumably to talk about that bizarre Avril Lavigne music video. He visited a science museum as part of his visit. And as you know, no visit to a science museum is complete without a little soccer practice with a humanoid robot.

The machine’s form was, um, a little mechanical, but effective. Obama’s soccer skills seemed to match his jump-shooting skills. Laughs were had and an unlikely friendship was formed. Screenwriters raced to their typewriters to pen a buddy comedy.

Then it was time for the robot to dance.

Things got a little awkward.


Also, the robot did NOT do the robot. We live in very strange times when a dancing robot does not do the robot.

Obama must be given credit for playing it semi-cool while watching a robot dance. A lesser man would have broken character once they realized the absurdity of the situation.

[H/T: ABC News]


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