I Don’t Love Anything As Much As This Priest Loves The New ‘Star Wars’ Trailer–Including God Herself

I don’t think priests can watch porn, which could explain Father Roderick Vonhögen’s child-like excitement when he watched the trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens for the first time. This is the most fun he’s had on the internet since the release of the Passion of the Christ trailer. I had that same unrestricted joy when I saw my first pair of tits on the internet, but after seeing pretty much every pair at this point, joy has morphed into emotionless desensitivity. Almost a chore at this point.

But I won’t nail Father Rog to the cross for being excessively giddy over the Star Wars trailer because it gave me a nerd boner as well. Oh nevermind, that was a regular boner. I was actually watching a Star Wars-themed gangbang on Pornhub. Ya, I’ve never seen the official trailer.

If you haven’t either, follow along and hopefully we can get as turnt as Father Rog.

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