Remember That Kid Who Wanted His Cat In His Senior Photo? His Principal Joined Him With Her Own Pet


Earlier this month we brought you the story of Draven Rodriguez, a kid with the simple request of having his senior portrait include his cat, Mr. Bigglesworth. Unfortunately for Mr. Bigglesworth and Draven, the school denied their request to have this photo included:


Bullshit, yeah? But after the proposed photo went viral the school decided not only would the photo be allowed in the yearbook (albeit the back of the yearbook), but that principal Diane Wilkinson would be in the photo with him.


Via Time:

The bad news is the photo still can’t be his senior portrait, but the good news is the school principal Diane Wilkinson posed for a new epic photo with Rodriguez and her pet chihuahua Vivienne that will go on her yearbook page to encourage animal rescue and adoption.

Is it just me, or does Principal Diane Wilkinson look a lot like Mickey Rourke…?

giphy (1)

[H/T Time]


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