New Prison Records Detail Aaron Hernandez’s Miserable Life Behind Bars And His Inability To Cope With The Loneliness

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“This place ain’t shit to me. I’ll run this place and keep running shit. Prison ain’t shit to me.”

This was what Hernandez once told officers at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Lancaster, Massachusetts, according to an incident report.

Many reports paint Hernandez out to be a maniacal, cocksure inmate with a hardened exterior. But, new jail records show that the disgraced football star was no match for the rigors of jail. There are no shortage of theories on why Hernandez committed suicide in his cell, none more touted that to enrich his fiancee and child with his lost bonus money from the Patriots. As new information comes out, his demise could have been prompted by his inability to deal with the loneliness of prison life. one Bristol County guard wrote in a report:

“He is constantly kicking his cell door and screaming at the top of his lungs utilizing profanity at times when he wants something, regardless of how miniscule it is. It is not uncommon for Hernandez to kick his cell door constantly until an officer approaches his cell merely to ask the officer for the current time.”

Yahoo Sports reports that another time, in Bristol County, he and an inmate were placed in individual cages in the “yard” for their designated hour outside their cell. An argument ensued and, unable to get at the other man, they proceeded to spit on each other through the fencing.

On one particularly pathetic night, Hernandez went balls deep in a pack of honey buns.

On the night of Nov. 20, 2013, Aaron Hernandez received a delivery from the jail commissary to his cell in Bristol County [Massachusetts] Jail, where he was housed as he awaited trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd in near by North Attleborough, Massachusetts. (He would be convicted of that crime). The delivery included some cakes, breakfast bars, cosmetics and a whole bunch of honey buns, two dozen in total.

Hernandez knew part of his punishment called for a prohibition of commissary. He also knew the mistake – he shouldn’t have received the delivery – would soon be discovered, and corrections officers would confiscate his food. So Hernandez, who once lived a life where he could, and often did, have anything he pleased, sat alone in the middle of the night, as the 20th turned into the 21st, and began to eat, desperately stuffing his face before he lost what little he was allowed to possess.

He ate one honey bun and then another. And another. And another. Each was individually wrapped, so the trash began to pile up, as Hernandez plowed through his order. He alternated sleep with more and more of the pastries. This was Man vs. Food, Bristol County House of Corrections Edition.

By the time the guards realized the delivery error, Hernandez had polished off 20 honey buns. Just four remained.

 “I’m a smart dude,” Hernandez told Major James Lancaster, according to a jail incident report. “I knew you’d be coming for this stuff … that’s why I ate as much food as I could.”

Hernandez then promptly asked if he could eat the final four honey buns. The request was declined. The honey buns were seized.

“I am so hungry,” Hernandez said.

The report goes on to detail how Hernandez would eat the letters he would receive in fear of the guards reading them. For a truly sad look into the deranged, sad lead-up to Aaron Hernandez’s demise, head over to Yahoo…

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