Wear This Outfit In Your Online Profile Pic And You’re 6 Times More Likely To Get Laid

by 5 years ago
Dating Profile


You’re absolutely judged by your profile photo. It doesn’t matter if it’s on Tinder or on Facebook, people come to countless (possibly incorrect) conclusions about you just because of one photo. Don’t judge a book by its cover but absolutely judge a guy by his shirtless photo shotgunning a beer in the parking lot of a Toby Keith concert.

WhatsYourPrice.com, a website dedicated to sugar daddies and gold diggers, asked 50K users how important a profile pic is to choosing a date and how much a person’s attire influences a potential match. Based on the results of the study, “women who wear bikinis in their profile pictures are 10 times more likely to be offered a date. The average female user on the site is offered 120 dates in a six month period.” To which I reply “no fucking shit.”

Here are there findings on men — the most successful profile pics for guys and the likelihood that it will get them a date — wearing a suit and tie (6x more likely), in a travel setting (4 times more likely), showing off their abs (4x more likely), Selfie (3x more likely) and pictured with an exotic car (2x more likely).

So a suit and tie is the way to go or take a selfie wearing a suit and tie without a shirt, leaning on a Porsche 959  parked next to the Eiffel Tower and you’ll have vagina up to your ears. You’ll also be the next James Bond.

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