Animal Rights Protester Attempts To Storm The Stage At A Hillary Rally And Must Have Not Watched The News On Tuesday

So, first of all, those are the worst shirts I have ever laid eyes on. ‘Hill Yes’? Just throw acid in my goddamn eyes. Second of all:

I’m going to go out on a limb and say those now infamous comments have Hillary Clinton on high alert. Which I think everyone who watches the news/has a Twitter is probably aware of. So I’m not sure what this animal rights activist who was rushing the stage was trying to accomplish other than freak everybody out.

Honestly, I’d love to know what this woman needed the mic for. What did she want to say to the audience at a Des Moines Hillary Clinton rally that couldn’t just be said via social media? “The murder of Harambe was an inside job.” Yeah, great one. Really worth getting tackled to the floor like a streaker at an indoor football game. I think this is just further proof that crazy people don’t own televisions or computers or smart phones. They just sit in their room and talk to their imaginary friends who live in the walls. Completely devoid of any connections to the outside world. That’s how you go crazy. People always warn you that if you watch too much TV, you’ll rot your brain. Maybe that’s best, though. You can’t shoot up a political rally if you can’t think for yourself.