Thousands Of Protesters Erupt In Anti-Trump Rallies In New York City And Arizona (PICS + VIDEO)

Protesters showed up in large numbers in New York City and Arizona to voice their opposition to Donald Trump on Saturday. Some of the protesters turned into agitators in Arizona where they purposely blocked traffic from the street that lead to the site where the leading GOP presidential nominee was set to speak.

Anti-Trump demonstrators blocked roads in Fountain Hills, Arizona to stop pro-Trump supporters from getting to the rally. Once traffic was stopped, some dedicated Trump supporters parked their cars and walked three miles in the 90 degree Arizona heat to get to the rally. Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies directing tow trucks to start hauling away the vehicles of the protesters.

Protesters were chanting, “Donald Trump, shut it down, Phoenix is the people’s town.”

One protester went so far as to lock herself to her car.

Meanwhile in New York City, thousands of protesters marched in front of the Trump Tower in an organized demonstration. Around noon, masses of protesters waved signs, chanted anti-Trump slogans and played drums as they walked through the city.

The protest was organized by political group Cosmopolitan Antifascists.

The group’s Facebook page states:

Donald J. Trump has made headlines in recent months with his divisive rhetoric, hate speech, and extremist plans to “make America great again”. We, in fact, believe this will do the opposite to this nation. Trump’s policy threatens many of us in the Black, Latino, LGBT, Muslim, and other communities. These policies and this type of speech has no place in this country, and certainly does not have a place in the city that Trump grew his empire in, which is considered such a melting pot and home for many of the same people Trump continues to wage war on. Join us at Columbus Circle as we march to Trump Tower as we say no to hate, no to divisiveness, no to fascist policies, and most importantly, no to Donald J. Trump.

This comes a day after protesters clashed in a Trump rally in Utah on Friday. Pro-Trump supporters chanted “Donald Trump,” but were met with cries of, “Mr. Hate Out of Our State.” Things got tense as demonstrators of both sides tried to force their way into the Infinity Event Center in Salt Lake City.

KSTU-TV reported that some people who were exiting the building were being pelted with rocks and some protesters were seen tearing down a security tent that the U.S. Secret Service used to screen attendees before they entered the building.

One side blames the protesters for attending these rallies to purposely agitate, and the other side believes that Donald Trump’s presidential run is inspiring violence. Hooray for democracy!