Protestors In New York City Started An Anti-CNN Chant During A Broadcast

by 6 years ago
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It’s an interesting evening of protesting across America, with thousands taking to the streets in cities across the country to protest the Ferguson situation. I actually ran into one of the bigger protests in Union Square this evening, where protestors were doing “hands up, don’t shoot!” chants in the middle of Park Ave. and 14th Street, blocking traffic in one of Lower Manhattan’s biggest thoroughfares. A few pics I snapped from the sidewalk below.

Protestors were also on a downtown part of the FDR, the major highway that runs north-south on the east side of Manhattan. CNN camera crews caught the moment mid-Anderson Cooper when they took to the highway, which resulted in yet another anti-CNN chant.

They just can’t catch a break.


A few pics from Union Square, which was relatively tame:

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